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Gutiérrez Pujadas & Asociados is an office with more than 25 years of experience in advising individuals and legal entities located within and outside the national territory.

We are a group of professionals, economists, lawyers and tax advisors who are experts in resident and non-resident companies in our country. We are supported by a team of international experts who are knowledgeable about the different legal and tax areas in the different national territories. We help our clients whether they are companies or individuals in their different areas of activity and in different countries, where they must develop their business activity.

Our international consultancy located in Barcelona has the collaboration of other offices, inside and outside our territory, such as England, Germany, Holland, Eastern Countries, USA, among many others, which allow us to offer our clients high-quality legal and tax advice, wherever their interests are.

As specialists in assisting companies in their direct cross-border projects and investments, questions of international tax law inevitably constitute an inherent aspect of any of the tasks entrusted to us.

During these 25 years our consultancy has provided highly specialized legal and tax advice to individuals with high assets, including the planning of their financial and real estate investments for tax optimization, the structuring of investments through holding companies or property companies, as well as national and international tax assistance to correctly plan income taxes, estate taxes and inheritance and gift taxes.

Likewise, we specialize in offering comprehensive services to professional athletes who require global assistance in legal, tax or planning aspects of their assets, as well as in the management of their tax returns at an international level, legal and fiscal management of their company’s assets, advice on real estate investments, etc.

In the same way, many of our clients are medium-sized companies headquartered in foreign-speaking countries. Therefore, when configuring the tax structure of international companies, we provide a native understanding of the expectations and needs of the foreign partner and the family that owns the company.

In addition, for those companies that operate via an online marketplace or your own website, our tax advisers will help with the preparation and filing of VAT returns in those EU countries where the specific threshold has been exceeded. 

We provide:

  • VAT registration in EU Tax Offices
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns in EU Tax Offices
  • Perfect tax structuring of companies and international participations
  • Structuring of holding companies
  • Provisions for successions, foundations (trusts)
  • Choice of legal form when creating companies abroad
  • Optimal tax configuration of benefit distributions
  • Tax planning in the framework of international business financing, mergers and acquisitions, exit strategies
  • Taxation of permanent establishments
  • Double taxation agreements, license fees, repercussion of general expenses and management fees between associated companies
  • Tax structuring of open and closed funds, real estate, communications, leasing funds, tax configuration of special funds
  • International transfer of employees, advice on expatriate personnel
  • Preparation of taxes in the jurisdiction requested by the client (corporate taxes, VAT, Personal Income Tax, local taxes, etc.)
  • Tax inspections: During a tax inspection it is essential to have a specialized advisor who knows the tax procedures well, as well as the Spanish tax system
  • Inspections and information requirements of the tax administration regarding the 720 model, presentation of informative statements (036, 347, and 349) and seizure of companies included in the Enabled Electronic Address (D.E.H.)
  • Accounting advice: Planning and application of the general accounting plan according to the needs of the client
  • Introduction and updating of the company's accounting
  • Preparation of on-line accounting
  • Supervision of the company's accounting
  • Updating of arrears accounts
  • Preparation of the countable closing of the year
  • Outsourcing
  • Audits

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